Where can I find a Children’s Dentist 96732?

With periodic visits to our children’s dentist 96732, we can help your child establish a strong foundation for oral health and a lifetime of healthy, beautiful smiles. At Yoneda Dental, we make every checkup visit an informative and engaging experience for your child, keeping them at ease throughout every step in care. As a skilled and compassionate dentist, Dr. Sumie Yoneda makes treatment extra-gentle for your little ones and emphasizes preventive care as the best way to help keep your child’s teeth cavity-free from the start.

Children’s Dentist 96732

Studies show that each year children across the United States lose a total of 51 school hours due to dental disease. Due to eating habits and inconsistent oral hygiene practices, cavities are especially prevalent in kids, affecting 50% of children ages 2-11 and increasing to 78% among 17 year olds. Although tooth decay is considered among the most common chronic childhood diseases, it is also almost entirely preventable. At Yoneda Dental, our children’s dentist 96732 provides a comprehensive preventive care program, including a thorough examination to closely monitor your child’s teeth, gums and jaw, checking for any signs of tooth decay or other oral health problems. For extra protection against cavities, we can provide your child with periodic fluoride treatments to strengthen the dental enamel. We also offer the application of dental sealants to the back teeth when your child’s permanent molars erupt. As part of your child’s checkup, we also provide a thorough professional teeth cleaning, removing plaque buildup from difficult to reach spots your child may have missed while brushing. We also take the opportunity to guide your child on how to brush and floss with maximum efficiency, and strive to impart the importance and responsibility of maintaining excellent oral hygiene.

At Yoneda Dental, we provide your child with compassionate and personalized care at every visit. Our children’s dentist 96732 makes dental care a positive experience for you and your child. To learn more or to schedule your child’s checkup, call today.

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