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Kahului dental office

Where can I find a dental office in Kahului?

When was the last time you scheduled a checkup appointment with your Kahului dental office? According to the American Dental Association, patients are encouraged to schedule appointments with their dentist twice a year. Regular dental checkups are essential to the prevention of tooth decay and periodontal disease, and to detect other conditions that may affect your oral health and overall well being. At Yoneda Dental, we offer exceptional preventive care for patients of all ages. Dedicated to creating and maintaining beautiful and healthy smiles, we utilize a state-of-the-art preventive program that couples an effective home hygiene regimen with high quality professional care.

Kahului dental office

At Yoneda Dental our preventive program includes a comprehensive smile examination and thorough professional teeth cleaning. When you come in for a checkup visit, Dr. Yoneda will assess every aspect of your smile to detect the presence or onset of any problems that may affect your oral health. Skipping visits for routine care can allow decay or disease to set in without your knowledge, causing more extensive and potentially costly damage down the road. According to the American Dental Association, tooth decay and periodontal disease are almost entirely preventable. As part of your checkup visit in our Kahului dental office, Dr. Yoneda will also discuss with you how to maintain your dental health at home through an effective regimen of brushing and flossing.

Since, even the best methods of tooth brushing and flossing may still leave dental plaque and tartar in the hard to reach areas of your mouth, Dr. Yoneda also performs a thorough professional cleaning. Furthermore, for added protection against dental decay our pediatric patients receive periodic fluoride treatment to strengthen the dental enamel and dental sealants to shield the surfaces of the newly erupted permanent back teeth.

For more information about why our preventive program is the best choice to keep your smile healthy and beautiful, call your Kahului dental office today!

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